As a cutlery manufacture, our dedication to workmanship is a commitment to your
satisfaction and our product quality.

Manufacturability Moulds

In the cutlery industry, mould is critical to the success of the subsequent product introduction. We manufacture ideal moulds for beautiful dinnerware for this purpose.
Wanyeda’s molds are made of industry-leading special steel, which is why the stainless steel cutlery produced by Wanyeda has better attention to detail than its peers.

3D Printing

Heat Treatment

CNC Machining

Materials of Extreme Purity

Our benchmark for high-quality dinnerware is 304/410 austenitic
stainless steel. Not to add that we exclusively utilize complete stainless steel to ensure high purity and exceptional metal characteristics.

Processes of Careful Crafting

Our quest of first-rate dinnerware gives us significant leverage in precisely completing every single stage.

Polishing by Hand

It is essential for implementing intricate and one-of-a-kind designs.
We need the most competent employees to manage this exactly.

Ultrasonic Flushing

Ultrasonic flushing helps to achieve a thoroughly cleaning so as to increase the brightness and rust resistance. After that, each piece will be fully wipe dry.

Excellent Sharpness

The sharpness of the knife edge reaches 0.5mm, resulting in more efficient and forceful cutting with less effort from the diners. This will lead to increased consumer satisfaction.

Quality Control

Our laboratory is fully equipped with laboratory instruments, and the experimental settings are absolutely similar to world-renowned testing institutes, allowing us to retain the most exact and stringent testing findings.

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